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Love and Art with Gene Stovall, pt 2

We talk with Gene about what he considers the two riches, the importance of balance, creative growth, Kennywood memories, and where Gene misses eating french fries. 

Love and Art with Gene Stovall

We go down the rabbit hole on love and art with the one and only Gene Stovall!

Find out what 3 things Gene bought at Allegheny Center Mall with his first theater paycheck, our top television sitcoms, and why Gene uses his voice as a turntable.  

Love and Divorce: You Decided, So Now What?

Ernest and Holly talk emotions, what changes when you decide to divorce, and practical ways to get through such a challenging time.

Love and Divorce: When Is It Time?

Ernest and Holly discuss the nuances of deciding when divorce might be necessary, how to cope with the notion of divorce, and how to prepare for divorce. 

Love and Music with Craig Arlet Part Two

In this episode, we discuss what pop musician was really rockabilly, what R & B musician has increased the black population by 25%, and the movies that made Izzy decide to become a musician.

Love and Music with Craig Arlet aka ’Izzy Funk’ Part One

We discuss our earliest love songs, the songs too painful to revisit, rugged music from the 80s, and who George Clinton asked to smoke a doobie with him.

Shadow of Love Episode Seven ’Coupling’ with Kim El

We discuss the challenges of keeping the flame of being a 'couple', the stranger game, the importance of protecting your peace, the three 'Rs' of coupling, and what zodiac sign the police told Ernest he can't date anymore. 

Love versus Lust with Ngozi Walker-Tibbs

We chat with sexpert Ngozi about music and sensuality, relationships, and the difference between love vs lust.

Back to the Future

We discuss soulmates, what Ernest would tell his past self, and why you should be careful who you fuck...

Shadow of Love Heaux Heaux Heaux Holiday Edition

We talk family traditions, our best/worst holidays, ways to embrace the holidays solo, our favorite Christmas movies, what characters in It's A Wonderful Life mimic modern day politicians, and our 'words' for the New Year. 

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